photo by Corinne Arndt Girouard

The Daughters of Dartmouth find the 2011-2012 academic year to be one of the most momentous in the history of Dartmouth College. Forty years ago, the first female students matriculated to Dartmouth College. This year’s anniversary of coeducation demands reflection, celebration, and pride. While this milestone has escaped the attention of many, for others the contributions made by our distinguished alumnae to our College, our country, and our world are far from unrecognized. We, the Daughters of Dartmouth, are unwavering in our sincerest admiration for this phenomenal body of alumnae, and for the diverse experiences they represent in the history of coeducation at our College. To the past, present, and future sons and daughters of Dartmouth: this letter is for you. Forty years have come and gone, and the time has come for us to develop a strong and enduring structure that will serve the interest and welfare of our Daughters, as well as the larger campus community.

We are not the first effort to seek the creation of an official alumnae network, but we are determined to be the last. It is time for this aspiration to become a reality. The combination of student turnover and bureaucratic inertia has thus far yielded nothing but perennial, undirected support for the project. In order for us to succeed together, we must move beyond repeating the mistakes of the past; we must have leaders and advocates on every front. It is time for alumnae, undergraduate students, and College administrators to unite behind a universally beneficial project.

Our vision of this group is drawn from the works of other groups that have gone before us, such as the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA) and Dartmouth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Alumni Association (DGALA), who have successfully petitioned the College to recognize their community’s need for an organized forum. We hope that a women’s alumnae group will facilitate greater communication between alumnae to connect regionally and on the basis of other interests, as well as give undergraduates and alumnae greater opportunities to connect through mentorship programs. Ultimately, the ability to organize and articulate the priorities of Dartmouth’s alumnae will strengthen our ability to shape the future of the College. For the first time, with the creation of this group, the full concentration of alumnae potential will be brought to bear through enhanced development efforts and streamlined coalition-building.

We have reached a critical point in the history of coeducation at Dartmouth. We owe it to current and future alumnae, as well as to the institution that binds us, to recognize the untapped potential of our female community. It is time to move forward with the creation of an official alumnae network. 

It is with great humility that we, upperclassmen women united by a common goal, ask you to assist us in bringing this ambition closer to a reality.

We hope to hear from you soon.


This letter was written collaboratively by several dozen upperclassmen women and recent alumnae including:

Afia Obeng ‘12, Amy Stanesco ‘11, Ana Bowens ‘12, Anastassia Radeva ‘12, Angela Zhang ‘12, Anna Villarruel ‘12, Carla Castillo ‘11, Charlyn Brea ‘12, Chelsea Perfect ‘12, Christine Goldrick ‘11, Claire Hunter ‘12, Dallis Fox ‘11, Danielle Levin ‘12, Deanna Portero ‘12, Elizabeth Parker ‘12, Emma Routhier ‘12, Emily Liu ‘12, Emily Carian ‘11, Jamila Ma ‘12, Jyotsna Ghosh ‘12, Hannah Jeton ‘12, Hikaru Yamagishi ‘12, Karen Orrick ‘11, Kathleen Mayer ‘11, Katie Lindsay ‘11, Leah Scrivener ‘11, Maria Carolan ‘12, Mayuka Kowaguchi ‘11, Meagan Leddy-Cecere ‘12, Mia Jessup ‘12, Ryan Trimble ‘12, Sapna Chemplavil ‘11, Suzanne Kelson ‘12, Shan Williams ‘12, Sophie Novack ‘11, Stephanie Takeuchi ‘12, Sydney Schmus ‘12

Additional Signers:

To be added please email us. This list will be updated periodically.

Abigail Macias ‘14
Adam Kaplan ‘12
Alexandra Schindler ‘11
Ali Procopio ‘13
Ali Tercek ‘11
Alison Reed ‘06
Allison Bosch ‘13
Amanda E. Duchesne ‘13
Amanda Keton ‘00
Amanda Rosenblum ‘07
Amrita Sankar ‘12
Ana Sofia De Brito ‘12
Andrea Jaresova ‘12
Angelo Carino ‘11
Anna Leah ‘13
Anna Nearburg ‘10
Anna Wearn ‘12
Archana Ramanujam ‘14
Ariel Murphy ‘12
Becca Boswell ‘10
Bianca Cloutier ‘09
Blair Bandeen ‘12
Blythe George ‘12
Caitlin Ardrey ‘13
Caitlin Boucher ‘10
Camila Hernandez ‘14
Camilla Rothenberg ‘13
Campbell Sechrest ‘14
Caroline Brandt ‘09
Charlie Governali ‘12
Charnice Barbour ‘10, TH’12
Chelsea Stewart ‘12
Chinedu Udeh ‘12
Christian Brandt ‘12
Claire Dugan ‘12
Claire Frazer ‘10
Clare Fortune-Agan ‘09
Concetta Lowery ‘10
Cory Kendrick ‘11
Courtney Davis ‘09 Tuck ‘11
Cynthia Akagbosu ‘11
Cyra Kang ‘11
Dana Daugherty ‘10
Daniel Whalen Jr. ‘12
Danielle Benware Thompson ‘97 MS ‘98
Davide Savenije ‘12
Devon Zimmerling ‘11
Diana Jih ‘09
Dulce Shultz ‘09
Do-Hee Kim ‘12
Edie Stuart ‘11
Eli Raphael ‘13
Elise Krieger ‘08
Elise Wilkes ‘12
Elizabeth Wilder Young ‘02
Eliza Relman ‘13
Ellian Liche ‘14
Emery Coxe ‘12
Emily Blackmer ‘13
Emily Bengtson ‘10
Emily Broas ‘11
Emily Huang ‘09
Emily Mason-Osann TH
Emily Unger ‘11
Emma Clement ‘10
Erin Jaeger ‘11
Erin Klein ‘13
Erin McDonald ‘09
Erin Weldon ‘15
Felicia Schwartz ‘14
Frederica Helmiere ‘04
Furaha Mushingi ‘09
Gabrielle Santa-Donato ‘09
Grace Tiedemann ‘12
Gretchen Gehrke ‘05
Grey Cusack ‘11
Haley Bolin Shellito ‘08
Heather Luther ‘09
Heather Reiley ‘12
Heidi Reich ‘89
Hillary Krutt ‘12
Hilary Spalding Fischer ‘80
Isabel Casariego Bober ‘04
Jane Kelson
Janet Kim ‘13
Jasmine Kumalah ‘12
Javed Jaghai ‘12
Jenna Musco ‘11
Jennifer Jaco ‘13
Jess Klaric ‘09
Jesse Moya ‘06
Jessica Morey 02
Jiwon Choi ‘13
Jordan Sedlacek ‘09
Julia Floberg ‘11
Julia Pinover ‘02
Julia Sooy ‘12
Karen Afre ‘12
Karen Iorio ‘10
Karenina Rojas ‘13
Kashay Sanders ‘11
Kate Thorstad ‘14
Katie Frett ‘05
Katy Briggs ‘10
Katherine Lindzey ‘13
Katherine Peck ‘12
Kathleen Cunningham ‘13
Kathleen Wallace ‘11
Kathryn Fay ‘09
Kayasha Lyons ‘12
Kellie MacPhee ‘14
Kelly M. Bonnevie ‘87
Kelly Erickson ‘11
Kelly Kennedy ´13
Kelly McGlinchey ‘12
Kimmy Paluch ‘04
Kiva R Wilson ‘04
Kristin Breiseth ‘89
Krista Oehlke ‘13
Krista Sande-Kerback ‘05
Kurt Prescott ‘12
Laura Andreae ‘10
Laura A. Hempel ‘12
Laura Kier ‘12
Lauren Foley ‘03
Laurie Woodman ‘11
Lavinia M. Weizel ‘04
Leah Feiger ‘14
Libbey Brown ‘10
Lisa Chau ‘06
Liz Salesky ‘12
Lou-Lou Igbokwe ‘10
Mackenzie Bohannon ‘14
Malia Reeves ‘12
Mary Ann McDonald Carolan ‘80
Mary Cipollone ‘02
Mary E. Cromwell ‘12
Mary Rockwell ‘11
Matt Cloyd ‘11
Meeta Prakash ‘13
Meg Heisler ‘14
Meg Houston Maker ‘87 MALS ‘11
Michelle Earhart ‘12
Michelle VanTieghem ‘12
Moira Scanlon ‘12
Molly Grear ‘11
Murktarat Yussuff ‘12
Nela Suka ‘04
Olivia Baptista ‘12
Olivia Sacks ‘11
Olivia A Stalcup ‘10
Paige Wilson ‘14
Patricia Barros ‘13
Patricia Berry ‘81
Rachel Rosenberg ‘13
Rebecca Powell ‘12
Robert Steinbock ‘14
Rohail Premjee ‘14
Ryan Dieringer ‘09
S. Caroline Kerr ‘05
Sage Dalton ‘12
Sarah Kler ‘12
Sarah Knapp ‘14
Sarah Rutter ‘13
Sarah Stone ‘13
Sarah Wildes ‘13
Semarley Jarrett ‘14
Sharon Zhang ‘13
Shivani Bhatia ‘13
Silvia Ferreira ‘09
Simone Greenleaf ‘12
Steffi Ostrowski ‘14
Stewart Towle ‘12
Stephanie Wolf ‘12
Sue Kahil ‘80
Susan Kepes ‘78
Tanisha Panditharatne ‘13
Tyler Frisbee ‘08
Uthman W. Olagoke ‘12
Vanessa Vega ‘05
Virginia Aprahamian ‘11
Yaa F. Obeng-Aduasare ‘10
Zainep Mahmoud ‘08